Steve Kirk’s Bio

PVA chapter president Central Florida

Chapter President

Our Chapter President Steven Kirk? Did you know that he served in the Army in Ethiopia during the Vietnam era? That was probably the only time anyone in the Army was thankful for being sent to Ethiopia.  Did you know that he worked for Coors Brewery in Colorado as a Production Specialist filtering the beer (you can ask him yourself about what it means to filter beer)? Or that he has two sons that still live in Colorado? One of his sons, Zack, is a college math professor and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. The other son, Matt, owns a flooring business and is an abstract artist.

Raised in Colorado, Steve was an avid skier until a skiing accident on February 7th 1980 resulted in a spinal cord compression injury causing paralysis and leaving him a quadriplegic. His wife had difficulty handling him and his needs as a quadriplegic and later in that year, after his divorce, Steve moved in with his sister in Deltona, Florida and 6 months later he bought his own house, where he and two other quadriplegics lived( Steve still lives in that house today).  In 1990 he met his wife Pat, when she became his caregiver. Pat took care of both Steve and one of the other two men living with him. In 1992, on Christmas Eve, Steve took Pat out on their first date and they have been together ever since. He and Pat have three children between them and two lovely granddaughters.

In 2002 Steve was introduced to Paralyzed Veterans of America and joined the Central Florida Chapter. He has served on the board as Vice President and has been President of the Central Florida Chapter since 2008 and the National Board Director since 2012. He maintains the chapter web page and works together with the chapter executive director to assure that the chapter fulfils its mission. Steve’s vision for the future of the chapter includes an expanded sports and recreation program and a leadership succession plan that will keep the chapter strong for decades to come.

A graduate from Stetson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Business, Steve then went to Valencia College in Orlando to earn a certificate in computer programming with an emphasis on COBAL and RPG (you can ask him what those acronyms mean). The rest of his education came from the same school many of us attended…..The School of Hard Knocks!

So the next time you call into the office or see Steve roaming around at one of our Chapter Events, stop him and introduce yourself. He is quite an interesting person to talk with.

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