2017 Board Nominations and Elections


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It is that time of the year again! Time to nominate and elect officers and board members for the coming PVACF Year. We have two open board positions and two board member who will be rotating off of the board (Richard Cerazo and Ken Weas). However, Richard and Ken can be nominated for re-election and can serve again if elected. The two board positions are for three years (2017-2019). Nominations can be made at the August and September General Membership Meetings with elections taking place at the September General Membership Meeting. Please note the requirements for nominations for board membership as per the Policies and Procedures of the PVA Central Florida Chapter;

“Any voting member running for Chapter Office must be certified through the National PVA Secretary prior to being placed on the official ballot. The certification process includes proof of citizenship, proof of Active Duty Service in the Armed Forces and Character of Discharge other than Dishonorable (DD 214), and medical proof of Spinal Cord Injury or Disease. Documents are to be submitted to the CFPVA Secretary for review and examination before they are forwarded to the National PVA Secretary for member certification. Any prospective Board Member or Officer is required to attend six (6) meetings prior to submitting his/her name to run for a potential Board membership or officer position. A prospective Board Member/Officer may excuse themselves from two (2) meetings due to serious medical complications. These conditions will apply for each fiscal year. Those desiring office should have a working understanding of the Chapter’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and the eight mandated programs required by National. The materials will be made available.”

To learn more about your current board members check out: Current Board Members


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