Adaptive Racquetball

September 21, 2016:

The Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) hosted an up/down wheelchair division for veterans showcasing their Racquetball Rehabilitation Program efforts. Five veterans participated in wheelchair racquetball, from OR, FL, TX, GA, and NC. As with most of the group, this was my first attempt at playing outdoor racquetball. Every day of the tournament I played a little bit better and learned something new. The smiles on our faces said it all. Playing with professional players and those who have been avid racquetball players for years was a little intimidating at first. Everyone was extremely nice and had no problem teaching us how to play.Raquetball2

By the last day we even go to teach the pros a thing or two by letting them play in our wheelchairs! MRF is focused on assisting disabled veterans with rehabilitation through their Rehabilitation Racquetball Clinic program. The program is designed to focus on both physical and mental attributes of veterans. I am looking forward to recruiting more players for local play and to return next year! . A special thanks to Mike Coulter and everyone associated with this event for allowing us to be a part of this great championship.

Sharona Young

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