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Patricia Griffith

This month we want to introduce you to Patricia Griffith, wife of our Chapter President Steve Kirk and the Chapter Function Coordinator.  Pat is responsible for coordinating the social events of the chapter. The Summer Blast, the Volunteer Banquet and the Holiday Party are the largest of the events she is responsible for putting together for the membership, their families and the community. Pat was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts (go ahead and close your eyes and spell that without looking). She was raised in Rockland, Massachusetts (which explains the weird way she talks and why she is probably a Boston Red Sox fan, even though you will never get to admit she is). Raised on a dairy farm, Pat spent her early years as a child milking cows, feeding chickens and mucking stalls (I will let you look that one up). Once she grew old enough, she went to work with her father in his construction business operating heavy equipment. As a young adult she worked as a Computer Router Technician with Foxboro Company (which explains why she adores Tom Brady).

At age 23 Pat decided she wanted to do something a little easier, so she chose the profession of nursing (boy was she in for a surprise) and became a CNA. Finding a career she knew she wanted to do for the rest of her working life, in 1989 Pat moved to Central Florida and went to nursing school at Daytona State University and became a Critical Care Nurse. It was then that she had the opportunity to care for two quadriplegics living with a third quadriplegic (Steve Kirk) who had his own caregiver. Within a year Steve (not one to let his disability to keep him from having fun) asked Pat out on a date and on Christmas Eve in 1990 they went on their first date. As best Pat can remember Steve took her to her favorite restaurant. Little did Pat know then, that that free meal would ultimately mean her nursing career would go way beyond retirement and long into Steve’s golden years.

Pat’s resume is quite impressive. She has a certification in brain and spinal cord injuries (30 years), certification in progressive care (17 years) and a medical/surgical certification (17 years). Nursing became more than a profession to Pat once she met and fell in love with Steve. Although at times, through the years, their relationship was strained because of the demands upon a caregiver, their love for each other carried then through (Ugh! Give me a break! Do I have to write this stuff!???)

When Pat is not taking care of Steve’s needs or the chapter’s events, she likes to spend time with her granddaughters Lyssa and Sophie, or sewing and crafting (hence all the crafty stuff she does for the holiday party and volunteer banquet). She also likes to garden, make schnapps and care for her Black Labrador, Jaleel.

Thank you Pat, for all you do for the chapter and its members!

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