Paralyzed Veterans of America Central Florida Educational Scholarship Program 2017/18 School Year

 Introduction  The Paralyzed Veterans of America  Central Florida Chapter (PVACF) primary goal has been to assist its  members in improving the quality of their lives. The implementation of  the Educational Scholarship Program would directly affect our  organizations contribution to our members as well as providing our  members a program to help them achieve higher education. 

Award Amounts

 PVACF will award up to 10 scholarships per school year. Total amount of  scholarship funding will be decided annually by the board during the  budget process. Initial scholarship fund for the 2017/18 school year  will be $10,000 with a maximum scholarship of $1000 per award for  full-time student (14+ credit hours per semester) and a maximum  scholarship of $500 per award for part-time student (6+ credit hours).  Scholarship funds are released solely in the name of the university.  Under no circumstances will payment be made to the students. This award  will be paid directly to the institution. Awardees must reapply every  year. 

 Application Submission
All components of the application must be post marked no later than July  1st of the year in which application is being made. Late applications  will not be accepted, incomplete applications will not be considered.  The components of the applications should be clipped, not stapled or  bound.
1. Application – Enclosed
2. Personal Statement – The statement should explain why you wish to  further your education; short and long academic goals; how this will  meet your career objectives; and, how will it affect the PVACF  membership. Also describe how and when any unusual family or personal  circumstances have affected your achievement in school, work or your  participation in other activities.
3. Verification of Enrollment – This can be a copy of your class  schedule, confirmation of your registration, or other documentation  issued by the college or university showing you are enrolled for the  following academic year
4. Two letters of recommendation – Official Form Enclosed – School  Official, from your current or most recently attended school. Official  Form Enclosed – Personal Reference, from someone other than an immediate  family member. To properly identify your letters of recommendation,  please have each author attach their letter to the appropriate form.
Review of Applications
The PVACF Scholarship Review Committee will select award recipients  based on: application completion, personal statement, academic records,  letters of recommendation, and extracurricular and community activities.  The review board will also weigh the impact that the potential  recipient and their education will have on the chapter. 

Award Announcement

 Initially, applicant will be sent an  email acknowledging receipt of application. Applicant will be notified  by August 1 of the Review Committee’s decisions. Please do not call the  office, as no information will be provided. Once notified of an award,  all recipients must submit a Scholarship Confirmation Form prior to  funds being released. In addition, a picture would be appreciated for  publicity purposes as outlined in the Release Information section of the  application. PVACF advises each applicant to verify the effect this program may have on their VA benefits. All applications and questions should be directed to: 

Wheels on the Go

Get Out Of the House. It’s on Us!


You heard correct. We want our members  to get out of their houses and into the community and we will reimburse  you for every dime you spend.*PVA Central Florida is proud to present  this program to our members on ongoing basis annually. 

Fine Print:

  • must be used for dining or entertainment
  • up to $500 per year reimbursed per member up to a chapter total of $7500
  • we will also pay for one guest.
  • must submit review and copy of receipt through
  • this amount renews annually
  • alcohol is not included.

So What Are You Waiting for?


Take your wife out on the town, we have  your back. Take a friend to see the Blue Man group we will pay for that  to. Our goal is to make sure our members are part of their community,  also to provide information regarding establishments within Central  Florida and elsewhere concerning their handicap accessibility. 

Wheels in Motion Archive

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In Memory of Bill Greer

Paralyzed Veterans of America Central Florida Press Release Date: July 26, 2016 Topic:

 Donation of Beach Wheelchairs Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Central  Florida Chapter (PVACF), a congressionally chartered veteran’s service  organization, received a very special donation of two Nomad Beach Power  Wheelchairs in memory of decorated Vietnam Veteran Bill Greer. Dale  Greer (brother of Bill) and his wife Melissa presented a check to PVACF  for $15,060 for the purchase of two power beach wheelchairs that will  allow paralyzed people to go on the beach and st-roll along the water’s  edge with their loved ones (something that is impossible to do with a  standard power wheelchair). “Melissa and I hope that programs like this  can develop throughout the United States. Where paralyzed veterans can  get out of the house and go off road to places like the beach or the  lake or out to the park with their families. My goal is not only to  provide these chairs for the PVA chapter here in Central Florida but to  also inspire other s  to donate similarly throughout our great country.” PVACF member Charlie  Merritt (a C-2 level quadriplegic) stated that “these chairs will allow  me to “take a walk” down the beach with my wife at my side, something I  haven’t been able to do since my accident two years ago”. Merritt a 12  year Marine Veteran was an avid boater and spent many weekends at the  beach. He broke his neck while on a boat outing. Chapter President Steve  Kirk (a quadriplegic since 1980) has lived in Deltona for the past 34  years and “for the first time will be able to cruise down the beach.” PVA Executive Director John DeMauro  stated that “The Bill Greer Beach Recreation Program will be available  to the paralyzed community as well as paralyzed veterans in Central  Florida. Our office is less than 30 minutes from the Florida coast and  folks can come by and pick up the chairs to use for a few hours or a few  days. This is another way in which we fulfill our mission of providing  the highest quality of life experiences for those paralyzed as a result  of a spinal cord injury or disease.” Paralyzed Veterans of America Central Florida is a 501 (c) (3) located in Sanford, Florida which strives to keep ve
terans with spinal cord injuries or dysfunction connected through core  programs that assist them in obtaining veteran’s benefits in a timely  manner, by publishing a monthly magazine that keeps them informed of  what is happening nationally and locally in legislature that directly  effects them and their families and by providing opportunities in  adaptive sports and recreation in an effort to enhance a lifetime of  health and fitness in order to offer a better quality of life. Visit to learn more about PVACF. To request the use of a chair please use this link: 

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Get Outside

Get Outside

   Please fill out the below form to request the use of either  all-terrain wheelchair. Wheelchairs are available on a first-come  first-served basis with members having priority.Please provide notice at  least two weeks in advance to allow us to schedule the use of these  chairs. 


VA Caregiver Support Line: 1-855-260-3274

 Our most vital resource is our family and friends most of which take  on the role of full-time caregiver and supporter of paralyzed veterans.  We hope to expand this page to provide the necessary information all in  one place that you need to take care of your injured service member. As  always if you have any specific questions not answered here call our  chapter office 407-328-7041 and anyone will be more than happy to assist  you. 

Caregiver Resources 

Building Better Caregivers: Free Online Workshop from VA

Building Better Caregivers: Free Online Workshop from VA

A Note from a Caregiver

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VA Caregiver Support

Caregiver Toolbox


Healthcare Helpline:1-800-232-1782

Benefits Helpline:1-866-734-0857 

Caregiver Support:1-855-260-3274 

Donor Hotline:1-800-555-9140 

Member Hotline: 1-888-VETSPVA1-888-838-7782