Participating in Adaptive Sports is a non-pharmacological approach to addressing some of the following issues:

  • Promoting adjustment to disability
  • Encourage independent living
  • Increase physical fitness & functioning
  • Increase balance & coordination
  • Decrease pain & reliance on pain medication
  • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Increase mood and decrease anxiety

Participating in Sports with other veterans with disabilities not only increases fundamental skills, ability and the opportunity for competition, it provides many social benefits such as increased participation with family, the community and other veterans.

Air Rifle / Air Pistol

Through the partnership with Disabled USA, the PVA Central Florida Chapter offers to all veterans the opportunity to learn how to shoot and compete in competitions.

  • Equipment set up and instruction are provided
  • In-house Practice and in-house competition
  • Virtual competition with other chapters

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Veterans are able to learn how to shoot a compound bow or recurve bow.  The chapter will set up Archery clinics for participants to shoot indoors and outdoors.

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In the Central Florida area, there are several Wheelchair Basketball teams.  The PVACF has several members who participate on the various teams.  The local teams are linked here so you can learn more about joining the team for practice and games.

Orlando Magic Wheels

Tampa Bay Strong Dogs

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At the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, players compete in Nine Ball. Nine Ball is a game of rotation where the object is to pocket the balls in numerical order.  The PVACF chapter offers veterans opportunity to shoot and practice pool while socializing with others.  Billiards and bowling are offered together at several locations around Central Florida.

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The object of the game is to throw or roll game balls so that they land close as possible to a target ball, called the jack.  Once all the balls are thrown a referee determines the points awarded.  The player with the closest balls to the jack earn points.  The PVACF offers Boccia games and has ramps for players use.

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The Central Florida PVA chapter offers group bowling opportunities at a variety of bowling alleys in the area. Members may also bowl on their own at a local bowling alley and submit receipts and scores to the chapter for credit.  Bowing options include handle and stick bowling and ramp bowling if needed.

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The Central Florida PVA partners with the Florida Disabled Anglers to encourage and expose veterans to fishing opportunities and fishing competitions in the area.  For more information contact the President of the Board, Kristopher Carver @ or by phone at 386 589-0297

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HOPE PGA Program is available through the partnership with the Orlando VA.  The PVACF chapter is working to bring a new opportunity for Adaptive Golf to Central Florida.

Coming Soon:  Adaptive Golf Clinic in Sorrento offered in partnership with PGA players

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This popular sport is enjoyed by many PVACF members.  There are several options and locations to ride with others during the week for enjoyment or to train more seriously for competition. The PVACF offers a weekly ride and encourages anyone to come out and try hand cycling.  

Click on the link below for some important insurance coverage and safety information:

Insurance & Safety Info

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Several options for hunting are offered during the year for turkey and deer hunting.

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The PVACF chapter has powerlifting equipment at the chapter if you want to focus on lifting weights and practice for competitions.

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The PVACF partners with the National Training Center to provide swim instruction and swim coaching to all veterans.  Each participant receives an assessment and sets weekly goals as they learn to swim or prepare for swim competition. All levels from beginner to competitor are welcome.  Each level of swimmer learns new skills and encourages other swimmers in their quest to come back to the pool.

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Tennis and Racquetball

USTA offers Tennis for Veterans and Veterans using chairs Monday and Thursdays near the Lake Nona VA. Court chairs are provided.

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Track and Field

There are several upcoming opportunities to learn how to throw the shot put, discus and javelin!  Please check the schedule for details.  If you are interested in track events, the PVACF can connect you with Track and Field Clinics where racing chairs are provided.

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Trap and Skeet

Participants will be taught firearm safety and are required to demonstrate firearm proficiency to participate.  Shotguns and modified shotguns are permitted.  Clay targets are shot from a 16 yard line.

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VA Medical Center Adaptive Sports Program

The Orlando VAMC Adaptive Sports Program was developed to provide active involvement in adaptive sports, outdoor recreation and fitness programs for our Veterans with disabilities. The program provides opportunities to learn adaptive skills and be oriented to adaptive equipment for a variety of sports. Partnerships with local and national sporting organizations help to offer ongoing programs throughout the year. Everyone is encouraged to get involved; there is something for everyone.


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