Download Membership Form: Central Florida Chapter Membership Application
to transfer your membership use this: Transfer Form

Membership is free and is a passport to a broad array of benefits, services, help and support. To qualify for membership, a person must be an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S military with a spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

Every member’s story is different but all members have much in common – and are often an incredible source of inspiration to everyone. Most importantly, Paralyzed Veterans’ members look out and advocate for each other, and together form a powerful advocacy network for all veterans and people with disabilities, and their families.

From fighting for full civil rights for people with disabilities on Capitol Hill to making main streets across the nation more accessible, Paralyzed Veterans of America is at the forefront of the fight for positive change.

Information is power and access to the right information is empowering. Our online and print publications provide an extensive library of self-help, educational and clinical resources for people with disabilities, caregivers and medical professionals alike

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